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Onasander Stock Market Trading Calls are very precise trades on the LONG side. Clients who follow this service will make money on the Stock market, but they must be very serious about trading, and they must be available next to their trading stations during market hours, as most deals don't last longer than a day under this service. This service is for intermediate and experienced traders.

Do not sign up for this service until we are able to present trading history for it. With time, the market will offer deals, we will post these trades here and on our social media websites in order to have a valid timestamp for our Stock Market Calls and attract investors that way. This offer will be free for about 1 year, and then it will become a paid service with a price of $1,000 per month.

Required for this Service

Minimum of $30,000
Funds must be ready in your favorite trading account
Must Stand By next to your Email or Text application in order to receive Stock Market Calls
Ability to Follow Onasander instructions carefully

Buy Call - NASDAQ - October 11, 2018

Short Call - S&P 500 - September 17, 2018

Current Marekt Call - August 1, 2018

Stock Trading History

Once we announce trades on our Social Media, we will post them here and every investor will be able to verify them for themselves.

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S&P500 Sample Trade