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All Assets Trading and Investing

This is our Premium Trading and Investing across All Asset Classes service. This service is for experienced investors and institutions. The purpose of this service is to deliver longer term investment signals to investors with bigger budgets. At Onasander we track almost every tradeable asset class and we always know when to enter and exit each trade.

Asset price analysis and trading is the pinnacle of our company. This service is limited to no more than 10 investors only. Please contact us for more information or schedule a call with us for more information.

Onasander Market Analysis 2018 - Current Chart and Analysis

As of 2018, most of investments in this world, except for few commodities are overpriced. All of these asset prices will correct downwards in the near future for at least 50%. We have a major bubble in the financial sector, as well as in many other sectors. Most overpriced assets include: IT stocks, stock indices all over the world, Real Estate, selective commodities, collectible cars, gold, and palladium.

How can I verify this service? We posted a trading call around May of 2018. The trading call and the chart were timestamped on the Bitcoin Blockchain as proof for the time of the trade call. Below is that chart:

This photo was timestamped on the Bitcoin blockchain at:

Once the above chart plays out we will be able to gather many investors onbaord. The price for this service is $10,000 per month. Check out Onasander Analysis section for more market calls and historic charts across many different asset classes.

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