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Onasander Team

  • Andrzej Wegrzyn - Founder & CEO

    Andrzej Wegrzyn

    Andrzej is an inventor and visionary leader. He has 20 years of experience in trading and investing in varies assets. Over that time span he managed family related funds, and estates. He dedicated 18 years of his life to world financial analysis, price behavior, trading software development, and anything related to asset prices while working at Morgan Stanley, and for his own company.

    +1.800.997.4066 Ext.800

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  • MinBo Min - Entrepreneur/ICO Advisor

    MinBo Min

    Advising on blockchain and crypto projects is not just about getting the funds in through an ICO (though too many focus solely on this element.) Really valuable projects have a big challenge ahead, and the ICO is just a step on the plan. This is where MinBo Min comes in and broadens are Blockchain and ICO view so that we can take a full advantage of our talents.

    +1.800.997.4066 Ext.810

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  • Sivalika Arumalla - ICO Advisor

    Sivalika Arumalla

    Sivalika has a long history of managing ICO projects and turning ICOs from ideas into successful ventures. She is a manager for a video streaming ICO, and her recent project was Launch My ICO. She will advise us on overall ICO managment and best practices.

    +1.800.997.4066 Ext.814

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  • Victor Ekpo - Marketing Director

    Victor Ekpo

    Victor Ekpo is our marketing director and content writer. His article and technical writing exeprience will help us in writing content for social media and clients. In the past Victor was also a Social Media and Marketing Manager for TheLightHouse.

    +1.800.997.4066 Ext.817

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  • Jessie Derecho - Administrator

    Jessie Derecho

    Jessie became our Media Administrator and Moderator. His role is to oversee all our Social Media communications. All of Onasander communications channels are managed by him.

    +1.800.997.4066 Ext.813

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