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Onasander LLC is an asset management firm based in New York City.

  • Introduction

    Onasander is a New York City based investment fund dating back to 2001, with a two-decade history of investing in multiple asset classes. We are the pioneer in financial market analysis and investments. Onasander is currently on a path to become the first decentralized Investment Bank with the help of Blockchain crowdfunding technology. Onasander ICO is scheduled for 2018.

  • History

    The company started unofficially in 2001 as a real estate fund for family members.

    The difficult 2000's filled with asset bubbles, credit expansions and contractions, recessions, and asset deflations tested our investment strategies and made Onasander a successful money manager. This success fueled our fame and attracted wealth beyond the family. Friends and associated businesses turned to Onasander for wealth management.

    By 2010 it became clear to us, we can scale up our services and manage wealth in all market conditions. It was also by that time where our Asset Price Analysis Software crystallized and became the autopilot money manager. Since that time the company contemplated ways to become an official investment bank. The discovery of Crypto currencies, and the popularity of Crypto ICOs in 2016 gave birth to Onasander ICO.

    In 2017 we designed a plan for a financial conglomerate, and by the end of that year the team came together to start the ICO project.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide the most optimal investment plans for clients. Over the years we developed unique Asset Price Analysis Software called Onasander. Onasander software tracks prices of all tradeable assets, analyzes their behavior, and turns the outcome of that behavior into an investment plan.

    This unique software gives us the edge over every other fund or investment bank. With the help of our software, we aim to time the markets perfectly, producing tremendous gains for our clientele.

  • Future

    The firm started as an investment fund for family and few friends. With the invention of cryptocurrencies and it's Ethereum based Smart Contracts, we noticed an opportunity to make the next step. We are standing in front of a chance to turn our "local" fund into a globally based fully fledged investment fund, and with time convert it into an investment bank.

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